May 7, 2007

In which i introduce myself

I'm never quite sure how to go about beginning these damn things, so i'll just kind of jump right in. This is about my fourth attempt at a blog; hopefully it's a little bit more successful than my previous ventures. I'm a 23-year-old male half-assed hippie (no really, there's a Facebook group) from Texas. I'm five days away from graduating from a major private university with a degree in political science, and from there i have no clue where i'm going. Which isn't entirely true, since i've applied to law school and all that. I just haven't been accepted anywhere yet. Waitlisted is what they tell me. Yeargh is what i say back (which is actually better than what my adviser says; he said it was time to start cracking some knees...did i mention that i love my adviser?).

I just finished the last two exams of my undergraduate career, which means that i'll have a lot more free time on my hands in the coming weeks; that's partially why i've decided to try my hand at blogging again. I figure that maybe i can say something useful over the next 12 or so weeks, and maybe someone will read it and pass it along. Not too likely, but hey, i can dream can't i? In the meantime, the real world me will be looking for a job and crossing my fingers over law school. How exciting for me.

It occurs to me that i haven't actually said too much about myself. So, here's me: I'm a border-line socialist, feminist, somewhat environmentally aware guy who is also a sports nut. I blame my dad for all four qualities, with some help from my step-mom and certain blogs on the feminist bit. I'm also not a theist. I'm not sure exactly where i fall on the god thing, but i do know that i do not believe that there is a god who does now or has ever actively inserted itself into human history. That i most certainly did not get from any of my family; they are all very religious (my father was once a pastor, and my step-mom is now one). I love music of almost all kinds, and i am quite the pseudo-snob.

So, finally, what will this blog be about? It will be about whatever the hell i feel like writing on any given day. Most days, that will probably be politics (specifically: law, feminism, queer politics, and maybe some election crap on the side), although on weekends it may be sports. What sports, you may ask? Well, at this time of year the only sports i really care for are baseball and NASCAR (yes it's a sport...bite me). Even then, baseball doesn't hold my attention all that long; i've gotten kind of sick of it recently. Normally at this time of year, i would also blog about basketball, but with the death of my beloved Mavericks (fuck you Mark Cuban, for pissing off Don Nelson), i can't bring myself to care all that much. I also love me some football and soccer. Also, don't be too surprised if i find a way to bring my two loves (politics and sports) together. I'm good like that.

I can't really promise that i will update all that frequently, because previously when i have said i would, i haven't. However, i will do my best. Until then...

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